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Strokkur Geyser

Strokkur Geyser

EuropeIcelandSouthwest Iceland
64.310865, -20.303831
Strokkur Geyser - An eruption usually consists of a single burst, sometimes reaching a height of up to 30 meters
Strokkur Geyser - Strokkur Geyser is known to be much more active than its neighbour, The Great Geyser, situated only 50m away
Strokkur Geyser Photo - The beginning of an eruption
Strokkur Geyser Photo - Strokkur Geyser erupts about every 4-8 minutes

About Strokkur Geyser

Strokkur is a fountain geyser located in a geothermal area beside the Hvítá River, lying in the Haukadalur Valley at the base of Laugarfjall hill, east of Reykjavík in south-west Iceland. It is the second most famous geyser in Iceland after the Great Geysir, 50 metres away to the north. The first recorded mention of Strokkur occurred in 1789, when it was unblocked by an earthquake. It was re-blocked in the twentieth century by another earthquake, only to be unblocked once more in 1963 by locals cleaning out the conduit on the recommendation of the Geysir Committee. An extremely active geyser, it erupts approximately every 4-8 minutes, generating plumes 15 - 20 m (~49 - 66 ft) high, and reaching velocities of 64 km/h (~40 mph).


Due to the frequency and reliability of its eruptions, Strokkur is a popular tourist attraction. It is surrounded by mud pools, fumaroles, algal deposits, and other geysers. Both Strokkur and the Great Geysir form part of the Golden Circle, the most famous and well-travelled tourist route in Iceland. Strokkur Geyser is only one hour drive from Iceland’s capital, Reykjavík.


Landscape: Geyser, Landscape: Hot Spring