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Hverfjall Crater

Hverfjall Crater

EuropeIcelandNortheastern Region
65.602353, -16.874155
Hverfjall Crater Photo - The crater is located east of lake Mývatn
Hverfjall Crater Photo - Hikers can access the rim only from the northwest and south path, other routes being forbidden
Hverfjall Crater Photo - Hverjall erupted 2500 years ago
Hverfjall Crater Photo - Hverfjall Crater measures 1km (0.62 mi)

About Hverfjall Waterfall

Hverfjall Crater is in northern Iceland, located to the east of Mývatn. It is a roughly circular volcanic crater of about 1,300 m  (4,265.1 ft) diameter and 140 m (459.3 ft) deep. It stands at an elevation of 420 m (1,378 ft) and is one of the largest craters in the world.

It is known as a striking sight, and was created nearly 2,800 years during a small but powerful eruption. The cinder cones within it rise to a height of about 200 m (656.1 ft).


The rim of the crater is only accessible by two paths, one from the north west and the other from the south. No other routes may be used to climb or descend the crater.

Landscape: Volcanic Formations, Landscape: Volcano

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