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Natureflip Site Update

New Website Update

New Website Update

Natureflip Site Update
March 26, 2016

Dear readers,

Big hellos from the Natureflip team! We've recently (March 25) launched a new version of our site. We are very proud to showcase the fruit of our work. Every page, from the homepage (seen below), to blog articles, to car parks, has undergone major changes. 

We've upgraded our backend, and implemented a new design on the front-end. All of this to improve your experience on the site, and as a precursor to the next update.

Natureflip New Homepage

To date we have 169,422 points of interest:

  • 2,763 natural landmarks
  • 112 adventures
  • 87,515 hotels
  • 45,727 restaurants
  • 4,581 shops
  • 28,724 car parks

To support millions more, we have changed our search engine and you will now be seeing lightning fast response times. The new search page is also accompanied by a map. You can drag this map in order to find new locations. Moreover, as you hover over each result, the corresponding marker will open in the map. 

Natureflip New Search Page

There are plenty of other improvements in individual pages. But we won't spoil the surprise too much. Feel free to take a look for yourself. 

What's next?

It's a secret... for you and everyone else to know. Direct bookings through Natureflip! Can you believe it? We're hard at work to roll this next update. Until then (or our next post), au revoir.