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Camel Riding In The Australian Outback

Alice Springs, Northern Territory
Herd of wild camels in Alice Springs
Eyre Highway with iconic "Look out for camels, kangaroos, wombats" sign
Camel Riding In The Australian Outback
February 5, 2014

You wouldn't think camels live in Australia, but they actually do and quite enjoy it. Between 1860 and 1907, around 10,000 camels were brought to the continent from different places around the world, including India, North Africa and Arabia. Bikaneri war camel and Dromedary were two of the many species that were imported back then. There are records though showing the first camel import taking place in 1822.

Although these animals are partially treated as pest (they eat a lot, more than 80% of the plant species available), travelers visiting Alice Springs, Kata Tjuta and Ayers Rock (Uluru) love the camel riding tours. Camel Express is one of the tours covering 45 minutes ride through desert and costs around $80.

Travel operators and tour organisers recommend bringing plenty of water, sunscreen and a hat, suitable footwear and, of course, a camera to take unique memories back home.