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Survival in The Highlands with Bear Grylls Survival Academy

Survival in The Highlands with Bear Grylls Survival Academy

£1,399.00 / ticket


Bear Grylls is the ultimate survivor as demonstrated on his hit TV shows including 'Man vs. Wild', 'Escape from Hell' and more recently, Channel 4's 'The Island'. Test your mettle on the extreme five day survival skills course, delivered by highly trained instructors, hand-picked by Bear and his team of experts. Learn survival techniques such as navigation, ascending cliff faces, self-defence, fire lighting, stalking prey, purifying water and the practical use of snares, traps and drop out fishing lines. Build an emergency shelter, cook some exciting wilderness food, undertake a night navigation exercise and learn how to cross rivers and ravines safely. End with a 30 hour 'Island drop' challenge that puts all new found skills to the ultimate test.


Courses run at least once a month from May to September.


This event would only be cancelled or curtailed in adverse weather conditions. Please call the venue if in any doubt.

Numbers On Day

This course is strictly limited to a maximum of 10 participants and three Bear Grylls Survival Academy Instructors. Please note that Bear Grylls will not actually be there on the event.

Dress Code

All clothing and equipment you bring MUST be appropriate to the environment and time of year. There are a number of mandatory must have items, including robust mountain boots and waterproofs. A full list is provided at time of booking.


Min age 18. The Bear Grylls Survival Academy Courses are challenging both mentally and physically: in order to get the most from the course, participants should be relatively fit and healthy. Please contact the team with any questions.

Other Info

All meals and accommodation are included, and a large amount of equipment is provided such as a knife, mug, sleeping bag and liner, sleeping mat, rucksack and liner, head torch, water bottle and all technical safety equipment.