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Polo Day

Polo Day

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£399.00 / ticket


Polo: a game that involves hitting a small ball with a long stick whilst travelling at speed on board a vehicle with a mind of its own. Sounds insane? Why not try it for yourself at the largest polo training academy in the world? Start off with a briefing on basic rules and theory of polo by expert instructors, including ball hitting, polo riding, hooking and riding off. Afterwards, mount a mechanical horse to learn the basic polo swings before mounting a real polo pony to take part in a 'stick and ball' session. After a buffet lunch there's a video on game tactics, more stick and ball sessions and finally, instructional chukkas so you can put all your new skills into practise. Fast-paced and skilful, polo is an exciting, challenging sport.


Tuesday to Friday throughout the year, with occasional weekend dates (availability is subject to match schedules). The club is closed on Mondays.


Polo is rarely cancelled due to bad weather.

Numbers On Day

There'll be up to four people taking part, with enough instructors to ensure lots of individual attention.


Spectators are welcome at the club and can watch play from the grandstands. Dogs are allowed, provided they are well behaved and kept on a lead.

Dress Code

Dress warmly and comfortably. Wear jodhpurs if you have them. Bring riding boots or a pair of substantial shoes or boots with a low, solid heel (no high heels!). Bring a pair of thin leather or cotton gloves and a riding hat if you have them.


Minimum age is 6. Minimum height is 5'. Minimum weight is 6 stone, maximum 20 stone. Please let us know when booking if you weigh more than 15 stone, so we can ensure a suitable horse is available. Suitable for experienced riders and complete novices.

Other Info

The rules of the game dictate all players must use the polo stick with their right hand (even the left-handers!).