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Lovers' Leap Bungee Jump in Staffordshire

Lovers' Leap Bungee Jump in Staffordshire

52.633584, -1.691032
£142.00 / ticket


Ideal for a couple or two friends who love to live life on the edge, the lovers' leap bungee jump in (aptly named) Cliff is a total thrill. Upon arriving at the base of the 160 foot crane, both of you receive the necessary safety briefing and checks, then enter the cage lift to be raised to the top of the crane. While surveying the view, get securely harnessed together and when ready, jump off! The freefall followed by the bouncing bungee certainly gets both hearts racing and neither of you will ever forget it. There is the chance to purchase video footage of the epic jump and the package also includes half a bottle of champagne to celebrate each other's bravery!


Weekend dates around twice a year.


High winds or heavy rain might prevent the jump going ahead. If in doubt, call the venue to check before leaving.

Numbers On Day

Up to 100 others also jump on the day.


Spectators are welcome - get them to bring along a camera or video.

Dress Code

Wear long trousers rather than a skirt (you'll be upside down!). Glasses and hard contact lenses must be removed prior to jumping.


Min age 14. Under 16's need a parent/guardian's signature. Max weight is 120kg (18.9st), waist size between 40cm - 125cm. Over 50's must produce a doc's certificate. MUST be in good health and inform of any medical conditions beforehand.

Other Info

Conditions that prohibit people from jumping include high blood pressure, heart condition, dizziness/epilepsy, pregnancy, asthma, neurological condition and diabetes.