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Day Hike – Exploring Rivers, Castles, Valleys, Hills and Lakes of Sussex

Day Hike – Exploring Rivers, Castles, Valleys, Hills and Lakes of Sussex

£26.00 / ticket

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Trip Description

A hike designed for beginners!

Woodland, attractive towns, castles, river trails and chalk hills. This hike has a bit of nearly everything! We're off to historic Arundel in Sussex and breaking with tradition we'll also have a brief stop mid walk at a delightful little pub on the banks of the river Arun for that irresistible sneaky river side pint to satisfy the Outdoor Alcoholics!

Trip Highlights

  • Hike the chalk hills with breathtaking views to the distant sea
  • Explore the landscaped Arundel Park with it's woodland, Swanbourne lake, meadows and the gothic Hiorne Tower
  • Superb views of the 12th century Arundel Castle 
  • Follow the river Arun on a picturesque trail towards Arundel Castle
  • Visit the Roman Catholic Arundel Cathedral (French Gothic style)
  • Riverside pub visit 
  • Visit the well preserved Sussex ancient market town of Arundel

Walk Description

A delightful mix of scenery with a good stretch along the river Arun, a visit to the woods and hills of Arundel Park and the striking and extravagant castellated Hiorne tower. We'll then venture into Arundel with it's gothic and enchanting castle dominating and looming over the town to finish our walk by finding the mighty Arundel Cathedral. We'll get some far off and ever nearing views of the castle as we follow the meandering and lazy river Arun. As well as the quick mid walk pub stop we'll have our usual refreshments in Arundel before making our way back to London. We'll pop up to walk past Arundel Cathedral but sadly can't get into the grounds or very close to Arundel Castle as admission is charged 

With just under 2500 inhabitants Arundel is a small town, but has been home to the very rich and powerful Dukes of Norfolk for over 400 years. The original Mott and Bailey castle was built on the site in 1067 by the Normans after their invasion of Britain in 1066 and has since been rebuilt and expanded to provide the grand modern day stately home. The castle is still inhabited by the Dukes of Norfolk with the 18th Duke residing there currently. Hiorne Tower was built in Arundel Park in 1787 as an extravagant folly for the Duke of Norfolk and has a commanding position high on the hills and is quite enchanting and captivating.

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